Welcome to Keith Lester Dental Practice

The philosophy of our practice is one of maximal care and minimal intervention consistent with the ongoing, maintainable dental health of our patients.

  • Our first aim is to relieve any pain or discomfort that might exist.
  • Our second aim is to ensure that the patient's best possible oral hygiene is established and maintained, so that the likelihood of any new disease process is minimised.
  • Our third aim is to identify and advise of any existing dental conditions that might require treatment.

This last is achieved through consultation, education and a full awareness on the patient's part of what is involved in terms of the nature of the present condition, possible treatment alternatives, the time treatment might take and the cost of it.
With this, goes an explanation of what might eventuate if the existing condition is not attended to within a certain time frame. Naturally, the choice of accepting any proposed treatment plan rests always with the patient.

Our friendly team will put you at ease to make (what might be) unpleasant as pain-free and pleasant as possible.